Monday, January 1, 2001


This is a lame blog. The only reason for its existance is that I have lead a very isolated life since high school. My profession involves alot of computer time with very little social life. Fortunately I have fast metabolism or I might be bald and fat. The lack of writing and reading literary books have turned me retarded. I write(or type mostly now) like a high schooler (or maybe even an elementary student... them kids now are so darn smart nowadays...). Too much television, watching movies, and even radio has turned me into a slave. I am trying to cut down to save what little imagination and creativity that I have left.

This blog is really an attempt to help me with writing, communicating, and most importantly socializing. I do those now but in very limited ways and should any conversations come up like those I had in college... I would most likely be shunned and avoided. Forgive me if you find this blog anything other than lame but if you find it interesting. THANKS!!! SUCCESS!!! and Goodbye.

I apologize for the political and religious commentary. I hate mentioning it but it drives me crazy that in this day and age you have to deal with people who live in a world that is still so backwards.

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