Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thunder Gmail - Web Login Required (Failure)

First time I've experienced this after using thunderbird for at least a year. A good search for very helpful and it came up with these two links which is the basis of my post:


As a reminder for me this is how I fix my problem.
1. Head to
2. Successfully unlock my account with that link
3. Login to gmail from web interface and go to Gmail » Settings » Browser Connection > Always use https
3. If using googleapps. it seems this can happen when you do not enable ssl(enforcing ssl for domains) at domain settings-->General - SSL (check enable ssl)

Apparently no option was selected in my case. That is probably the problem. Dunno how it became unselected but these are one of those internet glitches that happen.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another reason Health Insurance Companies Need to Die

Let me tell you of the story about the HIP Health Plan of New York an emblem health company. It's one HUGE LIE. Supposely they were a non profit from their ads month ago. Guess what; they are turning FOR PROFIT.

Secondly, For this year they jacked up the insurance over 50 dollars compared to last year PER MONTH. So to lock in a cheaper rate for this year I change health insurance companies. I started on the 15th of the month and cancelled on the first of the month paying for a full month. After 3 months of not getting a pro-rated refund which I was assure I was suppose to get. They have finally denied refund because they stated it's a mistake because the plan I was in starts on the first of the month.

How does your mistake make me pay 15 days in advance and continue to bill me for 15 days without refunding those 15 days of service that I OVERPAID. Freaking SOBs. I can't wait for a public option so I can ditch these motherF*#KING insurance companies

Thursday, February 4, 2010

uniqlo heattech long john situation

I am a little perturbed by uniqlo. I like the brand and fits me very well in general. Anyway on the 30th I went in to look for the heattech long johns cause it was bitter cold and I really can't wear pants cause the cold winds will just freeze my legs without layering. Imagine my surprise when I can't find it after circling the whole 2nd floor TWICE. I finally gave in and ask an worker bee there and they told me there was a few SMALL heattech long johns(2 in fact) only to see one guy holding both the last two in hand near I was circling a while back.

I go through the trouble and email uniqlo to see what the inventory situation is since the guy in the store wasn't that helpful. I received a response monday 2/1/2010 that none will arrive till next fall/winter. Bummer but what can you do right and I am definately not a small.

I went in TODAY and they have like ALOT of SMALL olive waffle heattech long johns. However there was ONE medium which I snatched and just bought.. Before I went on line I went to a lady in the back to ask again. Is there any other sizes of Long Johns in the back or somewhere. Of course she says... all you see is what we have (well obviously that's not true since some guy told me otherwise just 5 days ago.)

I left really annoyed. I do try to check every week for sales and the thing is... on more than one occasion they will have like no medium sizes of their sale items except like S,L and than suddenly 2 weeks later; the same item, medium size shows up. Wonder what uniqlo's strategy is?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

drupal amazon_store error

warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, '' was given in /www/public/includes/ on line 372.

warning: array_shift() [function.array-shift]: The argument should be an array in /www/public/sites/all/modules/amazon_store/amazon_store.module on line 1602.

Seems to be cached. Disabling cache fixed this but apparently the cart is cached for anonymous users so anything you add goes to an empty cart. Gave up on this as a patch for this did not fix my issue in addition to the fact it requires some theming.

warning: Missing argument 1 for _system_themes_access()

was the effect of upgrading the amazon_store to 2.x-dev without running cron afterwards.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Emotional Life

watch this show. It gives a nice wide lense onto alot of similar pbs shows on inspiration, mental health, etc.

I might buy the pbs but the few keys I am getting into is

1) Start meditating again but work this into excercise schedule.
2) Happiness has a greater occurance in people with social circles. Whether religion, fellowship, support groups. Increase and make the network substantial.
3) Happiness is contagious. Be more happy with my friends.

Some useful link:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Republican Scott Brown WINS!

Great. Finally the pathetic senate health care bill will not be passed by the cowardly President Obama. Yes it is self defeating to have a party against real universal health care be elected. However it's better than some quasi party trying to fake a horrible senate version of the health care plan that our children will pay for. We already have a war our children will pay for.

This only gives me hope that Obama will not be elected. We need real advocates and real change we can count on. Clinton looks so good at this time it's absurd.

Actually I just realized that you do not need 60 votes to pass legislation. Why the hell did I allow the network television to change how the senate works to move legislation. This is freaking ridiculous. Just pass the house health care bill with 51 votes and it's done. I am definately not voting for a democratic senator(you hear me Schumer) of New York that continues this charade.

Monday, December 28, 2009

so weird. This morning I got an email that made 57 connections to my server. An ip whois shows it originates from DOWJONES.COM. I think the financial markets are in trouble!!