Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Superday Tuesday - Sadness

Every primary I'm very depressed because none of the candidates have ever appealed to me. In fact I have not been happy since the day I was eligible to vote. Most of the candidates say almost all the same things and after and during their presidency everything is worst off than usual. This is worst because I've been through almost (can't wait!) 2 terms of George Bush.

So now I'm stuck between voting for McCain and Clinton. In all honestly; I am glad because from the conservatives, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are both bad choices. Barack Obama sounds good in theory but with barely any difference between Hillary Clinton with absolutely no track record for any accomplishments... I might as well pick Hillary Clinton. I absolutely cannot tolerate the Republican nominees. Religious fanaticism aside which both Romney and Huckabee are, is nobody annoyed with the hypocracy of the pro-choice and morality issues espressed by the Republicans? They can't even clean up their party.

Anyway... I will probably vote for Ralph Nader... again. Nobody around me understands.

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