Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catchup May-September 2008

-Had a celebrity sighting on 23rd and 6th avenue on July 4th at around 6:30pm? Saw Robert Buckley heading north to 24th street with another man. Only reason I remember is cause he was awfully orange. Kinda like if you take too much vitamin C and you turn orange or it could just be a tan? Spray on tan? It was just really weird color

-First time I heard of returning an item requires a government ID. Never shopping at Empress Men again. It's the most retarded thing I ever heard and apparently I'm the only one outraged. Your drivers license has all the information needed to commit identity theft.

-Citibank credit cards suck. I have the Citibank Dividend Platinum Select Cash back. Disputed an item once and it completed annoyed me. I had to sign document with my dispute. Mailed it out but had it come back that I needed to reconfirm something I already confirmed in the dispute and gave me 5 business days to return it or it will automagically be dismissed. The most insulting part is this letter did not have a return envelope. Will be cancelling once I redeem my 50 dollars cash back.

-Sarah Palin's get vice presidential from John McCain and now dead even with obama/biden. Only trash would want Sarah Palin one heartbeat away from the President. Only the lighter side. McCain/Palin sounds like McCain Pain/Plain. Obama/Biden sounds like Osama Bin laden. Extremely weird and seriously speaking is this really the best we can do as a superpower. Actually all the developed Nations apparently like Mediocracy and Soccer Moms as their leaders.

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