Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fairies - Were the World Mine

A friend asked me if I would want to see the "Were the World Mine" film showing in the Chelsea theater soon cause I like watching movies; particularly those that are a little strange. Psycho Beach Party was quite enjoyable... I didn't even know about it till it showed on PBS. I do not mind campy if it's not all nudity like some of the really weird ones long ago.

I watched the trailer (extended on youtube) and than he found me the original short. Fairies is such a beautiful short film... the ending was a little off somehow. I'm a little excited. I watched cashback the movie but I could not find the short and it was amazing beautiful cinematology. I would post the five minute original song were the world mine in the short but I don't have authorization and I work in new media so I take these things really seriously. However much of the song is in the extended trailer. Take a look:

I also have to criticize the casting both in the original and what appears to be on the film... The full feature has the superjock shorter than the lead... Maybe I am being discrimatory...

I would not be surprised if this is made into a musical because it was that good. Here's something entirely off topic because it was hilarious. It's great knowing people who share the same humor and can show you stuff like this.

Bitch! I come in peace.

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