Sunday, December 28, 2008 - A review

One of my recent guilty pleasures has been playing I have started only last week but it is quite enjoyable so I wanted to share a blog post on it. It started from a email from (another reward site I am very happy with) and with that I registered with a reward of 500 mypoints after 1 million points from Winster gives you 200 spins a day and 700,000 points to start with.

I have to admit the first 2 days I was addicted to the slot machines and that is where people are more willing to exchange pieces to get a 5 way match. This will get a little confusing if you do not play the game or read the help on what pieces give what rewards. However the experience is not always pleasant. "Winnie" is where a select group likes to engage in the strategy of jackpot. With only 200 spins it will probably not appeal to most people because I was in a room that wanted to do it alphabetically (by name) who gets the jackpot. That takes a very long time and alot of wasted spins with most getting one winnie and a bunch of wilds. It is preferrable to keeping at least one winnie so the next person can go for the jackpot. This situation realy requires 5 people to be successful; perferably all 5 have the attention to exchanging pieces so their spins are not wasted and people cash in even the lowestest matches. This usually is not the case from my experience so finding good unselfish players is key and also adding them as friends.

Around the 3rd or 4th day I started to play some other games and used google to see what is the best reward was. I came about a strategy for the burger game however I found almost noone in the game will exchange or chat. But it was a little easier getting points because you have a better chance of matching a burger because it has alot more options than slots. However the lack of mutual exchanging was very disappointing.

My favorite after 7 days now is the "Spell Squad". It is slightly challenging and it goes with my not wanting to waste spins (it's probably a human defect which has the advantage of being resistant to gambling in real life and wasting money unnecessarily). I came about this wonderful strategy link at and it is probably much better written than what I have now. I suggest you read it as well as it follows a similar conclusion in my next paragraph. People playing "spell squad" didn't appear to like exchanging or communication which was disappointing. My strategy still seems to find the right friends and have a private room of a 5 way so each can get a 9 word completion quicker.

In conclusion I am getting about 50 points per spin on 200 free spins as a free member from "spell squad". That would mean I would get my first 5 dollar gift certificate next month from amazon. I changed to amazon from mypoints because my poor math skills told me 500 points mypoints is slightly less than an amazon gift card. However sushifury stated you need to be a member to cash a reward and you get lesser free spins per day does not corrolate with what I read from winster. However his post is rather old. Winster is really not worth the effort but if you have 1/2 hour to an hour I am confident as a free member you can get a 5 dollar gift card every year without any strategy. However mypoints generally gives me enough points to redeem for a 25 dollar gift card in that same same with much less work and far greater gift card choices. If I were to pursue a paid membership at 10 dollar a month, I should be getting about 4 times (800 spins vs 200 free spins) 4 times(bonus for paid membership) times 300,000 points a month which gives me a redemption of a 15-20 dollar gift card (very limited choices) a month but it would take 4 times the amount of time I am currently taking per day. However if paying the minimum 5 dollar membership I should essentiall break even every month on around a minimum hour of playing. I encourage you to do the math yourself on whether you would have the time and whether it is worth it.

WARNING: The suffers from a great deal of lag and 30 second interspacial ads. At times my whole room was disconnected and playing was simply not possible for short periods (few minutes) at a time. I feel I should mention this because it was not a smooth playing experience.

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