Friday, March 27, 2009

Hickory Bacon - The Grease

I bought a Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set a while back which was unseasoned. I went through the trouble of seasoning it with canola oil only to have it fail extremely poorly. My own fault that I tried making eggs on it. The stickiness was ridiculous. I re-seasoned again and am going through the trouble of using bacon. Well after going through 3 pounds I realized that the grease I was dumping in the sink was a really bad thing to do because it clogs up the pipe. Really stupid right? I am not really a bacon fan at least not after eating some Tyson Hickory bacon. The package shows a lot of meat probably because only the bottom portion is showing but it's basically fat. A far cry from turkey bacon which I've had before.

Well if you manage to drop by this post the correct way is pour it into a used yogurt container or any plastic container that cannot be recyled and throw it away when it's full. You might also re-use it but let me tell you why I will not reuse fat again.

I went through the trouble of making simple chicken thighs in a Lodge Logic 3-Quart Pre-Seasoned Chicken Fryer which actually turned out pretty good. All the fat melted out revealing just the meat and it came off the bone. It tasted excellent. The trouble came after draining the oil in a bowl and into the refrigerator it went. It basically solidified with the yellow fat layer on top and a lower brownish gelatin on the bottom. I thought this would make great chicken stock for a soup... Boy am I stupid because I had to throw it away after eating just a little cause of all fat.

I can basically forget becoming a cook. I have no talent.

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