Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ultreo Toothbrush Bankrupt

After using the Ultreo
sufficiently enough to write a review I find out the company is bankrupt which is probably why it discounted itself in december.

I am very disappointed in the news as the toothbrush and ultrasound really works. It has given me a clean that is quite noticable but requires some time to get use to since the directions calls for water for bubble action (which is difficult on the top teeth). Perhaps if it had made a better slimmer toothhead it would have been a better seller but with the economy as it is I am not too surprised.

Unfortunately this means I need to find another toothbrush to supplement my dental hygiene when my current one dies. I am tempted to buy some spares since the price is decent at the moment however since it did nothing to lessen the need for flossing I will pass and look for a better alternative. I am leaning to the Rota Dent but I would hate to have to find a dentist that sells it to get a lifetime warranty.

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