Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Shopping

Going to do some more shopping today. Yesterday I went to Kohls and used a 15 percent off and a 5 dollar coupon on a 7 dollar and 60 cent shirt. What a bargain. Unfortunately they did not apply the 15 percent first in order. Their shopping system deducted it after the 5 dollar off which I thought was pretty neat so you do not have to waste time worrying about giving it in order like some other stores which has these stackable coupons. Basically the 15 percent off was 33 cents and I ended up paying close to 2 dollars for it.

I also got another 75 off 100 coupon from old navy. I already have about 2 months of underwear because initially it was 4 for 12 dollars and than they had clearance last week for 2.99 each... That and socks was the only thing that I got however with a 75 off 100 the leather sandals for 20 off seems like a great deal.

Marshalls have been a bummer the last three weeks and everything in their clearance section was bare or just not worth the discount. You see a few torn up clothes for 5 dollars and I am thinking... who actually buys this? Weird.

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