Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what's the point of

I was thinking of a cheap pair of leather sandals and old navy seems like a good idea because with a discount it would only be 10 dollars. The problem is I bought the cheap 2 dollar or so plastic sandals that really sucked. Imagine my surprise when a search brought up a video from What a ridiculous piece of garbage coming out of these people. Last time I couldn't even walk a full block around the block without being in pain let alone 3 miles... Also plastic straps are not comfortable and these stupid slippers break. Mines did but than it could be because I am a man and these old navy sandals are very thin and no cushion. Kept slapping me on the back of the feet as I walk. However to my dismay some guy also gave it 5 stars.

So anyway. Just another rant for a stupid website that is absolutely no help at all.

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