Sunday, May 17, 2009

The problem with

I had to ditch once again as my dns name server. It previously had to do with speed but I was willing to overlook it for some statistical information on dns queries and what domains was requested. Good way to snoop on what people in your private network is doing but since it is just me... the appeal is just not there. I was initially excited with blocking categories but it turned out to be a huge joke. Yes people voting on domains so you can block their category is useful but it's about as useful as their phishing protection. More times than I can remember; firefox blocked more domains on their voting list than opendns did. There's also the major problem of no one voting for domains which quite frankly there should be more than one person after a domain has been added for over a week which is often not the case. Then there are those that vote based on religious and political beliefs. Ruins the whole system and I blame the staff for not just deleting the users after finding a pattern but I guess it's becoming a lot like wikipedia.

Anyway the final straw came from the very annoying flash lag. It will frequently freeze my firefox and periodic nonloading of requests was a bit too much but I held in there for 2 weeks. I suppose I might go back to do some statistics when I open my wireless network more but I could not have my visitors annoyed by the slowness issue. That would reflect badly upon me.

So basically my name servers are back to They always performed better than the default verizon dsl name servers which had started handing out name suggestions on bad domains. I still use dns-o-matic which is a service. That now is one very useful service and I recommend that to everyone who wants to manage dyanmic ips with host names.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this post, and my apologies your experience with OpenDNS has been anything short of excellent. Regarding the speed issues, I encourage you to send me an email at allison at, and I'll put you in touch with an engineer who can help get to the bottom.

    Regarding the Web content filtering, I'd like to clarify a few things about the way our system works... You are correct that there's a community/voting element to the categorization. What you might not know is there's a trust metric built in. The more you vote, and the more accurate you vote, the more your vote counts for. This prevents against people routinely mis-voting. We also have several community moderators who oversee voting, and an on-staff moderator who has to manually verify Web sites into categories. Nothing gets verified until our on-staff mod, Vinny, says so. If there are specific sites that you feel are miscategorized, I'd love to know about them so I can investigate... We rarely encounter a mis-categorized site and when we do they are corrected near-immediately.

    Our number one aim to make OpenDNS the safest, fastest, smartest and most reliable DNS service in the world. I hope you to decide to give us another shot.