Saturday, May 9, 2009

Verizon Automatically updating DSL modem Firmware

This is probably no special news to verizon users in the new york area. In fact I actually read this in the dslreports forums but I decided to replace my really old verizon westell modem (which is just a modem that predates the 2100). Why? The old modem model B90-36R516-01 is quite big compared to a 6100 (twice in size of the modem and power brick). Anyway after just one day of being connected online and set in bridge mode it had the annoying blink red internet light but functioning just fine. Imagine my surprise when I woke up today and saw the internet blinking green instead of the regular red and off.

Apparently in the middle of the night sometime when I wasn't using the internet the modem just upgraded the firmware to "Proline DSL Model" with the trademarked verizon logo with red theme. Firmware at and Transceiver Revision at Fortunately the new firmware automatically connects to the internet with the handle "newdsl" (what's the password?) so I was able to find the details of setting it to bridge mode in the new interface.

For future reference the information I would need is:
login: admin
password: password
walled garden:

The walled garden is a forced registration screen that might come up. This is similar to why I dumped a netgear router wg614 because it wouldn't allow me to setup anything until it detected a WAN connection. Incredibly annoying. For the netgear situation it was to disable the wizard.

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