Thursday, May 21, 2009

Were the world mine

is not so good on the small screen... Some movies or performances I should say just do not translate into the small screen for some reason. I manage to see it at a friends house early but it just wasn't the same. I am still hoping my dvd will be somewhat different so maybe I'll be surprised.

I caught Glee because someone recorded it but it did not flow as well as I hoped. Maybe it was over expectations once again but the story telling and background story is somewhat dull and uninspired.

I think I will have to blame this on rock of ages productions. The episode 8 was amazingly funny and worked well in every regards. I always like the references of scooby doo, title of show, doogie howser, dr. horribles singalong, and of course sWing awakening. Check out the episode 7 reprise and the excellently executed episode 8.

the blooper reel:

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