Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why I never liked California...

I am saddened by the recent California Supreme Court decision concerning prop 8. Not so much that it defined marriage between a man and woman much to the dismay of some of my gay friends. This is more an academic legal issue and the cusp of what America should be.

The legal standpoint is very valid in the decision of the state supreme court of california and what can go wrong when a states sovereignty violates fundamental rights all individuals should have. On the issue of fairness and what marriage means legally. This isn't an issue of institution and what family means because fundamental rights means the rights every individual have that is protected by the law. As a single person I will pay taxes and much of those taxes will be used to pay child services, education, and everything related to families and children. By legally imposing those taxation which will never benefit me because I am single or choose not to get married is wrong. However at least I have that option; Not so with my friends. Independence after all was based on large part to unjust taxation (remember boston tea party?).

It is a very American thing to be appalled by this ruling and the federal constitution was crafted without the word GOD in it. It's meant to protect citizens from tyranny of the majority or minority (such as the king). After all there are legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government as a checks and balances. It is very sad that our society is so governed by religious views and revisionist thinking that they fail basic history/civics and rationalize their beliefs at a detriment of society. As an example; I still read articles where GOD was written into every state constitution and therefore we are a christian nation. How can one rationalize a freedom of religion in our Federal Constitution?

The United States already fought a Civil War over slavery which was a State Issue. The idea that marriage can cause strife from the "right wing" is treason. After all it's only a choice or "right" if that option exists. In conclusion I am thankful I will never live in California... The idea that a ballot initiative can overturn/enforce a legal issue is so nauseating that I wonder if the majority in that state will ever define religion as only that of christian/mormon denominations...

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