Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Geico Auto Insurance - SUCKS

Please do not even consider geico auto insurance. I've had them for a while and they are pretty bad. I'll list a few things. The first being that the telephone representatives are not nice and they are not on your side. You can test it for yourself. Ask if you can pay over the phone with a credit card. Chances are that they will say they do not accept it even though you can pay online (it's also not listed on their mailed policy). If you state you want to use a credit card of someone else; the representative can be quite agressive. For example stating why would you do that; are you the primary driver or not or something to the effect they will discourage you from paying by just saying they cannot accept it at this time.

The representatives over the phone are unfortunately trained to give you a hard time on some things and misinform so I would RECORD all conversations and expect to file a complain with the attorney general of your state. For example they may imply they will pro-rate your insurance if you transfer the insurance carrier. THAT IS NOT EXACTLY TRUE! Make sure you paid in full for the 6 months to get that prorate even though they should know after confirming your account. Even in the situation they may not refund depending on your payment. RECORD EVERY CONVERSATION ON CONFIRMATION OF INSURANCE CANCELLATION and INSURANCE TRANSFER. You really want this information if you want to go to court to recoup costs of say in NYC. Example if there is any lapse in your insurance due to an insurance error you will be responsible for a daily fee. Read the liability section of the nyc dmv site here. They will actually guilt you on the fact you been a long customer and they treated you well even though they couldn't beat the rates of the competitor for all that time... arggh. Frankly I find getting insurance with a local agent than say progressive over the phone. Why is that? Guess the only problem is making sure the agent is licensed in your state and calling the policy to make sure it's actually valid.

Having a car in new york city is such a pain in the ass. You gotta worry about fees and returning your car plates and imagine having your plates stolen... Gotta go to the police for that one.

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