Sunday, July 12, 2009

Windows 7 on fujitsu u810

I am quite happy with myself. I manage to install windows 7 v7100 evaluation copy on my fujitsu u810 also known as the u1010. After giving ubuntu remix a try I was glad to find that windows 7 installation was quick. It seem to have went quicker than the ubuntu version which is very fast. Everything is working well. Once I rebooted I did windows update and try to install some of the drivers/utilities but did hit a snag on a few items. I had to manually install the FUJ02B1/FUJ02E3 because for some reason it was at first undetected and after it was detected manually the device had a problem(I did a uninstall because of an error) so I looked up the file in the /drivers directory folder (fujitsu install packages extract there) for that particular device and installed it.

I also receive this odd "error in cuisdk initialization" when I tried to rotate. At first I thought it was the button driver/utility installation problem in xp/vista but I realized it was actually a video driver problem. I installed the vista version (choose compatibility mode option when it fails regularly because it's not designed for windows 7) and it selected override the current version which was 8.5 or something to the 7.14 version. A reboot later and I was auto rotating by swivel or manually rotating by button; no problems.

Second issue was the fingerprint driver. I actually installed it using the optional updates section along with a few other hardware updates in "windows updates" and setting up the device in windows 7 (it has it's only software). It was very quick and painless setting up one finger... just not sure if it was more secure than the free asus version I was using in xp/vista.

For some reason I was receiving Error 0x80072EE2 in Windows Update after updating fine the last 2 times. I took the time to correct my world time which was fast 4 hours and Windows Update worked again. Isn't that weird that it would work 2 previous times on the wrong time? Maybe a quirk.

Extremely happy about it. It's very fast.... I don't have to tweak any settings so far but than it's a clean system. I imagine after installing adobe and office it might slow down but it would be acceptable if the boot times and rotating is as fast as it is now.

Readyboost seems to be a problem. It's probably cause of the interface of sd/cf reader which makes it unsuitable and in fact it did not detect the sd card readyboost capable at first but auto-magically some time later; u810 says the sd card will work but may be unsuitable.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Thinking about breathing new life into my U810 with a Windows 7 install.