Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fujitsu u810 windows 7 rc to rtm

I updated my evaluation copy (release candidate) also known as beta to a retail version of windows 7 ultimate yesterday on my fujitsu u810 and it was a nightmware. It took exceptionally long because I have no room on my drive. I basically followed the tip at which after removing alot of space on my fujitsu with 768swap successfully ugpraded to retail in about.... over 4 hours.

However my perfectly working evaluation copy of windows 7 turned out to a fairly broken u810. First thing I noticed was my mouse button was moving in opposite directions. I move it right it actually goes left.

I got a weird fingerprint message about deleting credentials to use the device only to delete the fingerprint record and find out i cannot add a fingerprint because it says it requires a application to use.

My rotation is broken button is definately broken.

So I finally decided it shouldn't be difficult to just remove the fujitsu drivers and fix it that way. No luck. Now my pen doesn't really work. Rotation is not working. The led light for keyboard definately does not work. Fingerprint is not working because now I need an application which windows was handling it in the evaluation copy. Yes I tried compatibilty mode for the vista software even though it detects it as windows xp.

Well I hope this helps someone. I imaged the evaluation so I'm going go back and restore everything. From there I'm just going to have to stick it out for 6 months and hopefully fujitsu comes out with window 7 drivers.

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