Saturday, August 18, 2007

Got all 4 wisdom teeth removed..

Yesterday, 8/17 at 2:45pm my oral surgeron Dr. Zats removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth. I arrived early at around 2:15pm but waited half an hour before it began. It was really quick. I sat down. Anyway he had a needle; shook my inner left cheek in his fingers and in went the needle. The right side was not so gentle and in the needle went. OUCH. He asked if I had anything to eat 6 hours previously and I told him nope, didn't have anything the whole day. I told him I'm leaving home by myself through car service because they recommended to have someone with you. He said fine and went straight at it asking about my arm here. One of doctor's assistant took some blood for some tests. I couldn't believe it myself.
Than the final 10 seconds consisted of one of the 3 nurses in the room pricking my right hand with a needle with the sedative can you see it?

I don't remember when I was moved in the adjacent room on one of the benches with 3 prescriptions, 21 tablets of amoxicillin 500mg(penicillin antibiotics), 30 tablets of ibuprofen 600mg(motrin), and 20 tablets of hydrocodone/APAP 5-500mg(vicodin) and a 2 sided page with directions. Think it may have been a few minutes in the cushioned bench but I was severely drowsy but when it wasn't long before I went back to the waiting area and asked the receptionist to contact the car service. Was 3:45 so 1 hour was pretty good. I would have been able to take the train/bus home honestly... I was completely conscious and clear with 2 pieces of gauge on my right and left wisdom teeth area. Was 4:45 before the car service arrived and minutes later it was pouring rain. Fortunately it stopped when I arrived at home 20 minutes later.

Then I headed to pharmacy and took around 20 minutes for my medicine to finally be ready. Removed my glaze when I got back and took my 1st tablet of ibuprofen, amoxicillin, and hydrocodone/apap at around 5:30. That was when the sedative wore off and I could feel the pain. I actually took a nap after that missing a call at 8 from my doctor. He called back around 9:40pm to check on me. It's kinda strange since he kinda told me I didn't have to come back if I didn't have any problems but I realized there's stitches where my wisdom teeth use to be!

I'm really happy with the results though. I only took another hydrocodone/apap (vicodin), amoxicillin, and ibuprofien at around 12 before I went back to sleep.

Today it was good, I stopped taking the vicodin, only using ibuprofen(every 6 hours as needed) as pain relief and starting using salt mouth rinses. I have barely any swelling but there was still bleeding. I think tomorrow the bleeding should stop completely tomorrow, here's hoping. I was scared quite a bit when I spoke to someone who removed just one wisdom teeth but had to take vicodin 6 times a day for 2 weeks to get rid of the pain. It's just a shame I have to keep taking the amoxicillin(3 times a day). I don't think i need the antibiotic but oh well.

I did it at Sheepshead bay oral surgery, pllc, 1918 avenue u, brooklyn, ny 11229. I just wish they would have given the directions about aftercare early like before the surgery and I was left wondering if I have to make an appointment or something until I asked the receptionist. All that happened after the operation was the prescriptions and a page (2 sided) post-operative instructions. lol. oh wait, there was the phone call from the oral surgeon but that was really brief and it would have been too late if i didn't get my prescriptions. I'm lazy :P

Update: 8/21 - I realized that the pain I am receiving on my right side is not actually the wisdom teeth removal but what appears to be a blister and/or canker sores near my wisdom teeth use to be; near the cheek lining. Probably my surgeon might have cut into the area. it causes alot of discomfort and the healing is very slow.

Update: 8/28 - Went back cause I had the bunch of the meltable stitching hanging at the lower back molar teeth. stuck right at edge of my teeth so it was annoying. Couldn't really reach it with my tongue. Funny thing is after seeing my dentist, after dinner I think, it disappeared. Probably came off while i was eating and it went in my tummy :0

I just wanted to say... after my wisdom teeth removal... food keeps getting trapped in the hole that replaced my wisdom teeth. Someone should tell me! Only something like mouthwash or really rigorously rinsing will remove.

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