Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Congrats. You are ready for GED classes.

Recently I went to the Bronx Adult Learning Center to register for some automotive repair classes. It's free!. None were available for Brooklyn; bloody shame but I was referred there. Was not a very pleasant experience... I was told to just go at 6pm and register but they neglected to say there's an examination involved for placement. Now I have a High School Diploma but it didn't matter... First day was the reading tests based on a preliminary 12 questions or something like that (a preliminary math test of 12 questions for 2 math categories. You go the next day to take the math placement test) and from that they will give you either one of three books. I'm going by memory but there is D(highest-color green), M(moderate-pink or red), E?(poor-pink or red). The reading exam has 50 questions... I left at a little after 8pm.

I went to finish my math placement on tuesday 9/12/2007 and part1 was 40 questions. part2 was 50 questions. Also finished a little after 8 and placed MANUALLY at it's conclusion. One by one we were asked what classes we want to take but it's basically like 2 categories. Basic Education and GED... ESL classes was separated from us.

Anyway apparently basic education is for those who won't pass the GED. I thought that was interesting... but when It was my turn to get "placed"... the lady said good news. You can take GED classes.... MY JAWS DROPPED. Now there is an application which we filled in yesterday that listed our education level. I filled out indicating I have a diploma but I suppose the fact is I did EXTREMELY POORLY IN MY MATH. My reading was 48 out of 50. My math part1 was 33/40 and part2 42/50.

I was mortified :(. I said to the lady and the guy grading that I have a diploma. I didn't do that badly did I.

HAHAHA. They backtracked a bit saying it wasn't bad at all. In fact you would be one of the exceptional students and pass GED! So end of story is apparently I'm not mediocre... I'm below average. Damn tests. The worst part of the experience is that before taking the math placement exam... we were basically told Math isn't really important for placement and not to worry about it. You don't realy need it. All that was necessary was Reading test but it was required.

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