Friday, October 5, 2007

Louise Ogborn v. McDonald's Verdict - WTF?

I just finished watching 20/20 segment about the Louise Ogborn v. McDonald trial.... What a freaking joke.... I do not really have a problem with the 5 million dollars judgment for Louise Ogborn but watching the trial and her response on what she will do with the money gave pause. For those who didn't watch... she stated she will use it to go to law school... arggghh. Just completely lost sympathy with me and then there's a one million judgment for the McDonald's manager that participated in the hoax and did not use good judgment...

It really sucks that we have constant idiots rewarded for stupidity. I really do not see this to be any fault with McDonald's.... The judgment was ridiculous but this is Kentucky.... I can't see this happening in the city. This definitely would not occurred in New York City. The huge problem I had is that employees there that had this happen to Louise Ogborn wouldn't participate (good sense on their part) but didn't do anything to stop this? How can you blame the entire situation on McDonald and than reward judgment to the Manager that allowed this to happen for hours while Louise Ogborn was naked with only an apron on her?

I love law but how blaming McDonald's for not stating the obvious in preventing strip searches in the workplace to be punishable from a lawsuit? It's worst when this "hoax" occurred in multiple fast food restaurants across the country; specifically red states.

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  1. How on earth did you work red or blue states into this? "WTF?" When you switch a clear opinion to irrelevant agenda, you lose too much credibility.

    Can I suggest (with the best of intentions) that you re-read before you post and be sure that you're not taking something away from a good point you are making.