Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Mental Assessment Went OK

I kinda expected a little more. I went into the hospital at around 9:30am. Signed up with my insurance and preceded to wait. The wait was like an hour and saw a psychiatrist that is suppose to be short with preliminary questions. He mainly asked me why I was there... It's kinda stupid because I said for a mental assessment. He kept saying for any particular problem and I said not really. Basically it seems like only a few minutes. Went out to wait and that's like another half hour before I saw a female psychiatrist.

She asked some simple and basic questions. Some really simple cognitive functioning question like remember apple, chair, table. No ink blot or other props. Think around 20 minutes or less and I was told to wait outside... Than she comes back 3 minutes asking questions like do you believe the tv is talking directly to you and asking you to do things... hahaha. That was funny. Another 10 minute or more wait to be told I passed my Mental Assessment. Woohoo!!!

Though I have to say the experience doesn't really give me much faith in the psychiatric profession. Doesn't seem very thorough. Outpatient services are like 300 dollars a session. Ouch.

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