Monday, January 7, 2008

Privatephone message after termination

How odd. I just received an email like this:

Your PrivatePhone number xxx-xxx-xxxx (MEMBER ID: xxxxx) has received a voicemail on 01/07/08 at 12:55 PM from 866-849-0921. Your voicemail message is attached, or you can listen to your voicemail by calling your PrivatePhone number and pressing * when you hear your greeting.

Than I found out it was discontinued at december 31, 2007?! I don't even see an email from them notifying me about the discontinuation... Dunno what is going on but good thing I practically never used privatephone.

Edited 01252008: Received Voicemail From Privatephone and it stated the termination will occur at February 19, 2008. Says so now on and they are pushing migration to another voip provider which is not very cheap.

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