Thursday, January 24, 2008

CiteHealth and Coffee

I am so amazed that I had to post. It's not that often of course but I thought I should. I recently added a external link (there was only one which was to my photocam blog) to because they had a promotion where you add their link at with the stipulation of the following:

Some general restrictions apply to prevent abuse. Essentially, just quality websites and blogs with some decent traffic or established brand.

* Link must be up and working
* You must own and operate the website the link was posted on
* No personal profiles or "cookie cutter" type sites (i.e. myspace, facebook, geocities)
* No poor quality sites (i.e. in construction, little or no content, broken links, link farms, made for adsense)
* No offensive, derogatory, sexual, or racist websites
* Website primary language must be english
* Have an established user base or brand
* Page with link must be reachable by clicking through the website
* Limit of 1 gift card per website and household
* Valid for U.S. residents only
* Offer good while supplies last

Heres the proof:

If you read this you can simply tell from my archives that "quality site" might not be that applicable but anyway this is a nice thing to receive. Only 3 days to receive from submitted the claim form! I really should post more... oh well.

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