Friday, February 1, 2008

Chinese New Year Splendor 2008 - Marketing

If you live in New York City I'm sure you are bound to see the marketing magic of the Chinese Near Year Splendor 2008 show on January 30, 2008 to February 09, 2008. The problem to me is that it really appears too good to be true. The reviews appear all to be good and even before January 30, 2008 I've seen asians dressed in costume around the city handing brochures often with one or MORE people around doing the same...

In fact I saw them in the Brooklyn Costco in the second floor on January 11th. One asian man with 2 female compatriots handing out flyers; which was really weird to me. I've seen those flyers weeks before all around the city... The marketing ability of the show is impressive. You really do not see this in most broadway shows... especially one that will only run 9 days.

Some search comes up sporadic mentions of the Falun Gong and it kinda makes sense because for a long time back I use to see groups protesting China's treatment of Falun Gong. However that's kinda silly and could be more China's propaganda machine.

In the end I do not know. Anyone have more clues to this? Seems a mystery to me but maybe it's my imagination.


  1. I saw this show on the opening day (I was gifted tickets). There are 2 dances about falungong persecution, and 3 songs about spiritual enlightenment despite persecution, about taking down the red crooks. It's a good show, but not really a happy Chinese New Year jolly show. It is more poignant and the advertising is misleading by calling it a "Chinese New Year" splendor.

    I would go again as a regular autumn show, but NOT to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was not so feel-good of a show and too political. There is a lot of nice dancing but very spiritual in nature.

  2. Here is one of the songs they sing (you can judge for yourself if this is Chinese New Year material or not. Sure they put up a nice show with dancing but such a song shouldn't be in a Chinese New Year Celebration. Imagine something like this sung during Christmas. I copied it from the program):
    Dear friend, it's for you I sing with heart so true,
    Fifty years of lies have built this Red Wall.
    Though crooks may have sullied our glorious culture,
    The values of honesty, kindness, and patience endure.
    Don't be gullible before the on-voice system,
    Use the goodness within to weigh right and wrong.
    For when you have arrived at the truth,
    Then comes the chance of renewal.

    Dear friend, it's of truth that I sing to you,
    Heaven judges us, each and every one.
    History has always dealt the depraved the same,
    The corrupt dynasty is made to perish;
    While civility and decency go on, rejuvenated.
    May you be free of the confusion lies have wrought.
    And not go down together with the Red Crooks.
    Out of compassion, we spread awareness
    So that one day you may be free;
    In this knowledge lies the hope of deliverance.

  3. Sweet. Thanks Jenn. You are the best.

  4. This show is great. The production could not be better, especially with the live Orchestra. I feel peaceful and cheerful sitting in the theatre watching the whole show. The color is beautiful, beautiful, just like from the heaven. Although one or two shows touched Falungong topics, I feel nothing inappropriate since it simply tells the truth. The theme is well organized, presenting Chinese traditional virtue, multi-Chinese-nation's cultures, famous ancient stories. I enjoyed the whole show. It is a great experience. Will definitly come back next year.