Monday, January 28, 2008

Mary Kate and Heath Ledger's Death

I don't know if anyone watched the ET (Entertainment Tonight) broadcast of the heath Ledger and Mary-Kate connection. It basically said the masseuse called Mary Kate upon finding Heath Ledger unresponsive because he was in Heath Ledger's speed-dial (What?) instead of calling 911. Mary-Kate responds by saying she will send her bodyguard there... After some time; the masseuse calls Mary-Kate to tell her she think Heath Ledger is dead so should? call 911 but Mary-Kate responds by saying she has someone coming over already.

That was shouting red flags cause initially the news was that the Masseuse called her friend which happens to be an EMT and bodyguard of Mary-Kate but now this was just weird. I than googled Mary Kate and Heath Ledger and it shows that there may be some sort of "relationship" with Heath Ledger which kinda make sense but there's just so many red flags.

I'm kinda a conspiracy nut and among one of the "theories" I have is that Mary-Kate was jealous of Heath and his feelings with Michelle Williams so she had him wacked with an elaborate but interesting side story of depression from missing her daughter and losing custody. We all know she's like a billionaire and get away with everything.

With that said... I hope the family of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams and her daughter the best. Losing someone is really tough as I think everyone has gone through it or will go through it eventually.

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