Monday, February 11, 2008

Unable to Connect - The Cruel Joke of Second Life

I was pretty intrigued to finally experience second life last week until I hit a snag experiencing it at all. Today is the day I give up and so I am posting this so everyone knows why...

First thing I did was try to install this on a dual core desktop. My computer has a quad lcd screen output. This is accomplished by a pci express card (2 dvi outputs) and a pci card (2 vga outputs). Unfortunately this apparently will not work as my graphics card is too old. Strange I can play a 3d extensive card just fine but whatever. I send a support ticket only to get a support email 3 days later saying they don't support that type of configuration... right.

So I preceeded to install it on my laptop which is just as good if not just a tad slower. This goes as far as the login screen until I get this!

First I figure it's just a glich so I try again for 3 more days and the same message. I give up. Thanks for wasting my time.

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