Saturday, March 29, 2008

Massive Nose Acne Cyst

So for the last week(around 6 days) I've been all alone suffering from a massive acne cyst on my nose. Here's a picture of what it is currently like after a layer of dried skin fell off due to some squeezing,scratching, and tinted acne cream:
The exact location is .75 inch northeast(45 degree) from the tip of my nose. Quite noticable but much nicer today.

For some reason, I didn't think of searching on the internet on what to do to speed things up so I'll list it here:

1) Take ibuprofen (generic name of advil, motrin) to reduce inflammation, redness. Same thing I was told to take after my root canal to reduce inflammation. Think I heard this was a modeling secret or something. Only use this when you go out since you shouldn't be taking this like vitamins.

2) Drink lots of water

3) Have some bowel movement... take a poop. this really helps reduce toxins in your body.

4) Apply heat but not hot that it burns on it to cause it to raise a head (provided there on visual inspection there might be pus or liquid otherwise skip this step) so you can needle it and drain some fluid. Do not pop it unless you are like me and don't scar...

5) Take a hot shower because the steam will help to open pores by stretching and moisturizing the surface. This is a really great idea in general and I use face wash during a shower to cut down on acne. You should use apply acne cream or some form of drying agent when unavailable like aspirin which contains small amount of salicylic acid. There is also garlic which you rub over the area or press it into a juice and mix it with white vinegar for the entire face but there are alot of options(some even use urine) if in a pinch soon after a shower.

6) Eat foods that healthy and detoxifying and limit junk food.

In general it will take 2 weeks to completely disappear but doing the above steps will speed things up.

On reflection... I think I might have a small nodule and not a cyst cause it does not seem to be puss filled. Oh well.

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  1. I have been searching for about a month for what this was, i have one on my face and its awful and really annoying me! Thanks for the advice i will do them all and hope that it disapears!!