Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recently I had a really bad day. I promised to help do a favor for someone because I had that day off which I needed to do a blood test and see a doctor. So first off I went to a quest diagnostics center to do my blood work which I need to do every three months. Usually for this facility it's first come first serve as it's only one person and no appointments done there. I went in at like 6:55 and there was already 2 elderly people there waiting for the test. The worker comes and first thing that happens is the second person in line said he was first (I have no idea as when I went up there were already there) but either way he signed up second. A wife and husband? has an appointment however (I didn't know you could setup an appointment, but apparently over phone/online) so it took like half hour to input the wife into the system and get the blood work done. So now the first person in line goes and that's when my day started off badly. The person in back of me (fourth guy on line also somewhat elderly hispanic) tries to go next by getting the worker to do it because he has an appointment too but the second guy on line elderly won't have any of that (You know grumpy old man besides he also considers himself first in line anyway).

I didn't care either way so I was just waiting. So the second and fourth was arguing for like 30 seconds on how they both have appointments (that was funny cause the second really doesn't as he's a sign in) but either way the worker says she don't see him on the appointment list but brings the second into the room to do the bloodwork. When that happens however the fourth guy comes up to me for no reason telling me he has an appointment and stuff. I might had freaked out a little but I immediately said I didn't care, don't talk to me about it. I have a life too and blah blah, don't tell me. I don't care. Harsh in hindsight and which had me replaying it in my head still after 2 days. The fourth was pissed and was muttering f$ck you, f$ck you and there was a mother and daughter there. A nice elderly man voiced his opinion in my favor which at first I thought he was yelling at me for I dunno not caring.

Anyway the worker finishes with the second and looks at the printed appointment list and says I don't see you on the list but I go up anyway with my blood work sheet and says he has a doctor's appointment at 9 cause the fourth guy was showing it to me for no reason. The worker says it always happens like this and I had to correct her that I didn't start it. I just wanted him stop cause It really wouldn't matter to me if the worker let him first because I might not be too happy about it but wouldn't care. I just didn't need to get someone in my face for no reason like that. I probably should have eloquently stated that in my brief explanation of events but whatever.

I did the blood work. 3 vials really quick and the worker was telling me she was late 5 minutes cause she found out someone was using her credit card illegally. Had to file police report and stuff. They were taking cash advances out which she never does which really baffled me cause I thought you needed a pin. She even said she doesn't have a pin so it was strange so I was telling her not to worry cause it was just a credit card. She said it could have been cause she used it around the neighborhood.

That was a little long but I end up leaving at around 7:55. That was long for 3rd in line. So comes the driving my friend's mother to the NYU Cancer Institute for the radiology department at ground level. I was told it would be easy and the valet is parking is free with validation, so er thanks. As you can tell I have no life to not afford to pay someone else to chauffeur my friend's mother but whatever. I drive going through the belt, yeah stupid mistake cause all the trucks were there and we were in traffic for like 45 minutes. I almost got a ticket because I was so stupid. I went into the far right lane where the middle/right were full of the MEGA TRUCKS, the really huge ones and there was a police van behind me but I thought I did everything legal cause I was getting uneasy with huge trucks on my left cornering me so after 20 minutes I was like I gotta get to the left lane. BIG MISTAKE even though I was signaling left for over 2 minutes and I swear that truck wouldn't give me just a little space to exit. Anyway the police van comes right beeps me and he said, "that's the most stupidest thing i've seen", "you were in his blind spot", "I have to give you a ticket now". I was incredulous and said no way. I was signaling long enough and he saw me.

But fortunately maybe cause I had people in my car or it was gridlocked traffic that he said oh just go. Off the hook, sweet. So mental note to self not to go on belt or right lane till after the holland tunnel signs. I wasn't really up for a ticket when I have a feeling I'm going to get one from this post. That's all that been bothering me. for the last few days.

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