Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kicking the 8 glasses of water a day habit

Until recently the common recommendations for at least the last few years to drink 8 glasses of water a day has been debunked quite literally everywhere in the news media. This did not stop my acquired habit (dare I say addiction) to drinking roughly that much today and will probably continue for the next few weeks. Why is that?

Well, it has to do with all the tea and assorted "water" drinks I purchased to satisfy that recommendation. I have alot and I mean ALOT. Regardless of the fact I go to the bathroom to do a number one quite frequently. That probably wastes more water than I consume per flush but it's all thanks to mass marketing. Great job there!

I'm only posting at this early hour because for the last 3 hours in brooklyn; there's this damn ship? boat? horn blowing every damn minute. I'm freaking a mile away from water. I cannot tell cause it seems to be coming from everywhere and most certainly the whole neighborhood heard it. I cannot sleep at all. Calling 311 again sucks cause they are no help. Don't the police work at this time? Where's all the money I'm paying for quality of life. Arrgghhh. I'm so grumpy and my whole day is ruined for a lack of sleep.

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