Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Apartment - New Lessons

Been living in my new apartment for a while and learned a few lessons. I came into the apartment with quite some stuff left over by the old renter. Among those things is food and I want to share with you all my experience with food and solidify in my own memory what not to do if I were to move into another apartment again.

1) Avoid noodles that's over 7 years old. In fact maybe even a year old. Why? Those things can probably survive a nuclear holocaust but that plastic taste that lingers in your mouth stays there for DAYS. It's been over 3 days and I can't get rid of that taste.

2) Robitussin Honey Flu indivdual packs(liquid) are okay even when they are over 8 years old. Had two packs as tea and no ill effects yet. Probably not the smartest thing to do.

3) Best way to remove solidified oil? stuck on dishes is wd40. The really difficult stuff can be removed using vinegar or maybe I should have start with the vinegar. The prior rental seems to be asian cause there's this yellow somewhat sticky stuff was hanging all around the tabletop and gass range. Detergent had no effect including the all purpose cleaners!

4) For refrigerators use the same stuff in number 3 but the stinky smell use febreeze and all surfaces. If even after that there's a stench... OMG it's a pain in neck. Some techniques appear to be wet newspapers with refrigerator running for 3 days. Substitute with coffee beans, or imitation vanilla in water. If all else fails you might need a repair man to replace some foam/filter or something inside that cannot be cleaned. If it's old probably better to buy a new one cause the new refrigerators use less electricity. Over 50 percent even and that's real savings especially in the summer.

I'm sure there is more but for the moment this video

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