Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1000h installation

I spent a short time installing xp professional on the 1000h. The first thing I did however was setup Eee Storage (which didn't require any code/serial as I couldn't even find any in the box) which gives 10gb online storage.

There are a few advantages to switch from xp home to professional. The first is probably that it will register 2 cpu because the atom processor is capable of two threads?. Installing a 2gb ddr2 sodimm stick is a good idea which I did but I was somehow disappointed that the screen didn't seem that much bigger than the u810.

There's nothing much to say... It's quite wonderful. I did install the EeeSplendid, EeeSplendid and ASUSUpdate which I used to update my bios. ECap didn't seem very useful but it runs well. I can't say I will buy this again though as the battery is only slightly better than my dell 600m (I only recently took advantage of the dell battery recall for my computer) at 5 hours. I love my u810 but the 1000h seems to be a huge maybe it wasn't that good of an idea to get... It's incredibly sturdy... It feels like an ibm.

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