Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Upgrading some old Hardware

Last week I spent sometime updating some old hardware.

1) Dell Dimension 4400 - Updated bios to A06. Had to press Delete key to enter Bios from the large Dell logo. The memory can be updated to 2gb ddr with 2 1gb ddr sticks even though the dell specs say maximum 1gb. I actually used a spare patriot memory kit which was rated pc 4000 (ddr 500).

Updated the LG cdrom firmware model CED-8080B from v1.04 to v1.07 on the dell site. You have to search for the model number but you can get v1.06 from the LG website. There is a v1.08 on google but a search showed it only for certain OEM drives. Might not want to risk it.

2) Dell Dimension 4550 - Updated bios to A08. The maximum memory can be updated to 2gb as well. The specs says maximum memory is 1gb.

Updated HLDS GCC4482B frimware From Default ROM E107 to E114 A01 to E114 A05 from dell website. Dunno what difference from A01 to A05...

3) Sony PCV E204 desktop. An old PII 333 processor with 96 memory. Tried to put the memory from the dimension 4400/4550 in them but turns out they are PC100 memory! Lol... some people probably wouldn't have found that funny but it was just funny to see cause I have some old PII 400 that take ddr I think... Anyway this desktop is actually pretty cool when the hard drive doesn't make so much noise(so loud) cause when I opened the case the Power Supply was rated only 100 Watts! That's pretty energy efficient considering my mac mini is 85 watts. I only took out the power supply cause it wouldn't boot up... Turns out this power supply takes a minute or two to actually store? enough power to start the computer...

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