Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unboxing u810 and 1000h

It's been a while since I received both fujitsu u810 and the asus 1000h. They both came on Friday but on separate fedex trucks which I didn't think was very efficient but I was lucky on the fujitsu u810(it was scheduled to come on monday but came early in the warehouse which was really sweet).

Both of them have a skin type box cardboard box over the retail box... thought that was unncessary but than it's not uncommon for packages to get "lost".

Like my wood floors?

I would have more pictures but my xd card got corrupted by my zio dazzle mediacard reader. Unfortunately I couldn't find the usb cable for my fuji finepix v10 camera with it's "proprietary" cable... it doesn't have a mini usb port like say canon cameras. That's what you get for using a mediacard reader sometimes.

The fujitsu u810 weights 1 pound and 8.9 ounces (or 1.56lbs as stated) with 4 cell battery; sd and cf card inserted. My asus eeepc 1000h weight was 3 pounds and 2.1 ounces with inserted sd card. Power consumption is around 30 watts for u810 and 40 watts for 1000h. What upsets me is that the asus power adapter is actually SMALLER than the fujitsu u810. Removing the battery and the power consumption drops down to 10 Watts for both using my trusty Kill A Watt P4400. These will actually make great home servers if you change the harddrive to a compact flash drive or a ssd. Actually they would be great now but the eeepc is in the lead for it's better linux installations.

Next on the installation and pitfalls of both.

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