Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Warren Buffett... You can suck it.

It's been a while but I just wanted to state how horribly disappointed by what Warren Buffett made the case for the Government Bailout on Charlie Rose Show (PBS). It reminded me when Colin Powell made the case for war before the United Nations. I fell for that one too which enraged me when Warren Buffett tried to do the same. It's dispicable considering his very lucrative deal with GM at the expensive of every non-Berkshire shareholder cause you know they aren't getting no dividends after paying Mr. Buffett off.

In the same week, Mr. Bloomberg tries to run for a 3rd term against term limits in place. It just completely baffles me why people put up with big pile of dog poo. Can you imagine George Bush running for a 3rd term?

Anyway, I just removed my last 20 percent in the stock market ironically at a positive since I was daytrading the few week cause volatility makes a great case for gambling in stocks. Now my entire portfolio is in either cash or money market accounts FDIC insured of course. Only plus side I see is that it was raised to 250k which makes putting money away much easier now.

Since I was in a good mood for my gains I purchased a fujitsu u810 tablet pc. It's incredibly small and weights around 2 pounds so can't wait for it to arrive. At the same time I also purchased an asus 1000h laptop weighing at around 3.2 pounds. Can't wait to play with both of them when it arrives.

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