Sunday, November 23, 2008

Costco and Milk Bottles

This is a silly post but I went to costco on Friday and saw these new milk bottles so I bought two and took a picture. I went to pathmart a week before and the milk bottles were still the regular containers. I really like the design because it's slightly slimmer and fits better in the refrigerator but ... (I'm laughing right now, I don't know why) it's not actually smaller than the old ones(it's around same height as the regular gallon container but since it's a square design it's bigger I think). If it was a little shorter I think it might have saved some plastic but I'm pretty sure this uses much more plastic than the original versions. The hardcore environmentalists probably would not like this change.

I have to give costco props. The price was 2.69 for the regular and 2.49 for the 2 percent milk. It's the same gallon but they added more plastic to the container but didn't shortchange the consumer like most other manufacturers.

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