Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Barack Obama foreshadowed his own failure.

I think it's clear that every week in the last few months have gone from worst to worst. I am going to make my own prediction for the failure of the Barack Obama Administration and what has lead me to this conclusion. I however do believe The president elect might be able to fake a economy that is substainable after all the status quo had gutted the american people(they have taken so much already) and within 8 years the government will return to republican hands and within 20 years we will have a financial collapse yet again or maybe a little later but I doubt it as social security is already allegeably unsubstainable.

The first thing that happened is Barack Obama decided to hire lobbyists when he stated he won't. Yes it's difficult as I'm sure lobbyists have embedded themselves in every industry and corporation; however it's amusing to read "You can't staff the entire government without people who are lobbyists, it's just not possible," by Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic lobbyist. Basically it just confirms the fact special interests will supercede the interests for the betterment of the american people. Also it's not the entire government it's just the jobs that really matter. Obviously our government is full of incompetence and the education of an Ivy League degree can be achieved by wealth versus intelligence.

The most important foreshadowing is the decision to ask Hilary Clinton to be in anywhere near the Obama Administration. Let's not forget this woman spent 20 million to fight for the Democratic nomination. She fails and 13 million is her own money. Now the Clinton's are worth like 38 million so what happens is Barack Obama helps her in fundraisers to pay off her debt. Isn't that hilarious? So alright, let's look past that and you find out she is now only like 7 million in debt now. Though the insanity continues with supporters spamming every blog and place to comments to beg for contributions to pay off her debt. OMG. You are worth more than that but I suppose wealthy trash is still trash.

This is what American voted for. CHANGE. Change don't go about compromising. That's why republicans or the religious right are winning because at least they are consistantly delussional. Working together in government is a joke. If you want real change you have to have the majority otherwise you end up filibustered or just lame. Granted the majority is allegedly democratic representatives but when you make deals with the devil. Nothing changes. They just get worst but the trick is it'll appear as if things are better.

P.S. The government unveiled a 20 billion rescue plan for citibank. The stock that was worth 20 billion and the american people gets what exactly? That's finance for you. That's where the money is. Capitalism is perfect.

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