Thursday, November 20, 2008

Immigrating sounding like a good idea

I think the Auto Industry was the last straw. Capitalism is dead if the United States bailout the auto industry. It does not matter if it will save jobs. The loans can never be paid back when by all accounts they plan to ask another 25 billion next year. Than lets not talk about how much of that 25 billion is being paid in pension and healthcare to their employees... Excuse me? I had hoped that would raise more calls for universal healthcare but medical community from my experience is quite pathetic. Seriously when you pay 500 dollars to see a doctor for 5 minutes but your appointments can take over an hour is too much.

So I was thinking about Canada but realized it's too cold. Australia was my immediate second choice but it's kinda far... So I was thinking of South America. In a big city in brazil seems to be safe. Hopefully anyway as I've been hearing kidnapping is a problem which is weird. Europe is really not that good of a place. I like to have diversity and europe is actually very racist. It's deeply hidden but I've been there quite a few times and can basically tell. It's great in theory but racially and religiously they are incredibly backward. Never a good idea to forget that white supremacy, the holocaust, kosovo war, and "The Troubles" occured in a modern and reported civilized area not out of some sort of economic crisis.

Either way those 3 are my choices. The safe choice is Canada of course. Australia is if I need to distance myself from my remaining friends which is no longer declining after I made more of an effort lately. However Brazil is definately something fun I think and will be challenging.

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