Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fujitsu Lifebook U820

I am a little sad today since I heard of the u820 and immediately thought about selling one of my u810 until I read a little bit more of the improvements u820 over u810. The major difference is that the u820 has 1.6ghz processor (wow. Maybe it can run Vista), the 1280x800 resolution (wow. It can run well now with some programs like photoshop which require 1024x768 at least), gps (wow, I do not need to carry my bluetooth gps I bought 2 years ago), and a 1.3 megapixel webcam (maybe my friends can actually see my beautiful face when conferancing), finally a extra keyboard row (ohhh. maybe less use of function key to access arrow keys. very annoying)

Than logic set in with the 2 main reasons it is not a good idea. Mainly the same 5.6 inch WXGA screen which is quite small at 1024x600 is suppose to now use 1280x800??? The same maximum 1gb maximum memory? I definately do not need to upgrade but that gps and better webcam would have been nice. The extra row doesn't seem to make much sense as I barely got use to typing on it. I keep pressing the esc key which is the most depressing as it kinda ruins half of what I type in the first place.

So anyway I'm still waiting for a laptop with all the same features of the u820 now but is 9 inch with a full keyboard tablet. Anyone know of one? The T4220 was very close but they didn't include a webcam but than maybe a new version would put a gps and webcam in it... Wishful thinking. Everything I really need is in the u820 now except larger memory (I definately need at least 3gib to be a full replacement but will be happy with 2gb at least for usability).

If anyone finds what I'm looking for please inform me.

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