Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Legend of the Grape Lady

So I am bored on my 15 minute break and first thing I do is check out youtube. I came about a short with stewie of "family guy" doing a remake of the original. This gem:

I've seen this before but because there was nothing on youtube at the moment; I googled the grape lady. I came about this http://oddculture.com/2007/03/10/the-legend-of-the-grape-lady/ and the responses were even funnier.

I just wanted to share my feelings just cause it's my blog. When I first saw this video a few years ago it kinda felt as if she deserved it. Notice how you can hear her say "disgusting" entering the barrel, the cheating; then the lack of concern from the other reporters... It's unfair to judge someone with so little information but the article didn't help with her moving everywhere and being fired. lol.

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