Thursday, November 27, 2008

Made my Turkey 18 pounds

So I just put my 18 pound (18.75 lb exactly) in the oven. This would be my third time making it this year. Last year the turkey came out really orangey because of the butter probably. This time I bought two foil dispoable turkey roasters because last year it leaked and stained the bottom of the oven quite badly. I should really buy a roaster. A foil roaster costs 99 cents. A sturdy metal one costs around 20 dollars and even less if you do rebate or something.

Anyway I'll post a picture when it's out of the oven which would be around 3 1/2 to 4 hours. I hate flipping the turkey though because it's a heavy turkey and It's really hard to flip in a foil roaster but if I don't it doesn't look too good with only half the turkey browned (orange in my case).

Here's a picture of the turkey 2/3 done.

Here's the picture flipped and finished. It was very moist and tasty.

The only thing is that I am not sure what you actually do with the broth that comes out from the turkey, white wine, carrots, celery, and herbs...

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