Monday, November 3, 2008

taskmgr.exe - 100% CPU Usage

I recently had a strange occurance of my CPU Usage being at 100%. The taskmgr.exe would be at 99 and a good search turned out nothing much useful. I initially thought the culprit would be microsoft search 4.0 and since inkseine only requires it... I deleted it and at first it worked after a reboot. However the next reboot the same thing happened so I also remove the groovemonitor.exe that came with microsoft office 2007...

No such luck and used the process explorer which oddly turned the cpu usage down and it was only the system idle process that was relatively high which is normal. I did disable the automatic avast upgrade process by changing the settings as I noticed it took up a huge amount of processing power at the next bootup. That could have been the culprit and it makes sense as I guess it assumes my internet is always on but it didn't affect my xp performance... it's just something I noticed when I used the task manager.

It was just weird and made me almost do a complete reinstall because I thought I had a virus that wasn't detected.

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