Monday, November 3, 2008

u810 xp edition

There's really no good reason for this post but I recently purchased ANOTHER u810 because I liked the first one so much (This new one didn't have a dead pixel! woohoo). This time however I choose to purchase the one expressly for the xp edition. First thing I notice is that this one had the Experience Pack for Tablet XP (from microsoft) installed versus the one from vista business's xp edition recovery cd. I also finally found out that installing service pack 3 removed the tablet tutorial. For some reason I had to remove the windows/help/viewer.htm before reinstalling the tablet tutorials sp2 (from microsoft site again) to get the tutorials to work again. However fujitsu screwed up and did not include the ethernet/vga dongle and the extra mouse button that came with my first order. Also I'm strangely encouraged to file a complaint because this is the second time they included a modem cable. For some reason the modem cable made me think the u810 had a fax modem which of course they didn't have. Grrrr.

Here's a picture:

It isn't clear but that's a intel inside sticker on the vista business machine.

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