Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coming back from Orlando Florida

Felt great getting home. I was at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club and it was pleasant. I got to use my i-gotu gt100 for a day before it became a permanent novelty item. I'll post my one day trip maybe in another post but I just wanted to post about something stupid.

I am always exhausted after a vacation which is ironic. The first thing that happens is my friend comes in and says hey let's watch Another Gay Sequel - Gays Gone Wild. I wanted to shoo him away but I havn't watched a movie all week so I said alright but you gotta go afterwards. I have to admit liking the first movie "Another Gay Movie" so I was looking forward to starting the dvd; plus the writer also wrote Edge of Seventeen and that was awesome. Another Gay Movie was the exact opposite of Edge of Seventeen by avoiding the entire taboo of coming out by showing gay teens as like like any horney heterosexual. It was masterfully done and the acting/cast could not have been any perfect.

Another Gay Sequel - Gays Gone Wild however seems to be going into the direction of being a gay cult film. The writing and cast(very mismatched because the previous cast except one is featured) was very similar to a psycho beach party but slightly less well conceived overall. I was more entertained by the narrative by my friend who seems to be know quite a few of the special guests who seem to be from a porno, big brother, american idol, and some other odds and ends. Definate recomend seeing this with someone like that but if you like psycho beach party you will probably like this. Watching this confused me so much on "what's the deal with this movie" that I skipped my usual long sleep.

First Week of December seems to be the best time to visit florida but quite honestly there are a few cavaets. The chill is like winter and the sun is like summer. The weather is not bad but the sun came down by 6pm and it would be too cold. I would end with that note.

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