Monday, December 15, 2008

Root Canal and a tooth abscess

I went into the endodontist to do my root canal last thursday and finally inquired about my bump that's been there for a month waiting on this appointment for the start of my root canal. I'm not sure if he spotted it or not or wheather he choose not to discuss it with me... it was enough to make me google it out. I am scared.

Fortunately for me that my tooth abscess was not painful and I mean no pain at all. It was just an annoying bump that i tried squeezing hoping it would flatten out but all that came out of it was blood. Anyway after about 2 1/2 hours and him shaving my tooth down about a half and removing calcification in my tooth. He was talking to another colleage and he was saying see how this xray is cloudy. that's all calcification so he removed a big chunk and got some other small chunks to reveal 4 roots. Anyway he didn't realy go much into the abscess so I think it not worth thinking about but when I touch it today it definately a little pain so I can't wait till my nerve treatment is finish next month. I scheduled 2 appointments to get it completely done. Another 2 1/2 hour appointment and one long 5 hour appointment and maybe the abscess will be resolved and my tooth saved.

I am thinking of getting a real sonic toothbrush like the Ultreo even though I really like the pulsonic because I think at 2x cost it will be worth it.

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