Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What to do with old computers....?

Because I recently purchased the hp tx2500z, that would make it my 4th computer purchased within 2 months. That is very troubling because I still have 2 older laptops that work perfectly well. I tried to sell my 600m with 2gb memory on craigslist and was deeply disappointed by the lowballers. There's no point in selling it for 100-150 dollar offer (someone offered 50-70 dollars because he's a poor college student. Bite me) when I can donate it and write it off for at least that amount.

It than got me thinking to energy conservation because I am still using my dell desktop for a tri-view (could be quad view but I did not have another dell ultrasharp). I have always wanted to use synergy to network 3 computers and I think I have the computers to do that. My old mac mini (1gb memory max, ppc), my 600m (1.6) and my old hp pavilion (P4). It would not be very powerful but I would have everything I need to get things working. My 600m will be my main computer, my mac mini will be my apple computer and my hp pavilion will be my linux computer.

I am still trying ot figure out the technical aspects. It would be nice to lose the bulky desktop.

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