Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Odds and Ends

I just received my ultreo sonic toothbrush which I'm charging at the moment. The brush head is too big which is a large turnoff but it's handle is quite bulky. I also just placed an order for a hp tablet tx2500z because it was pretty cheap. I was waiting for the fujitsu p1630 because of it's weight and battery life but this is a good compromise for another year because quite frankly my u810 is quite fine to keep my life in order. The generous disk space of the tx2500z (250gb) will make my development a little easier anyway.

Besides that I recently dumped my hosting company mediatemple. I purchased hosting last year but it has disappointed me to no end. The speed of the grid server at 20 dollars a month is pathetic. The major problem stems from their database access times so arguably you can get better performance by buying a database container for additional 10 dollars a month but at that time I could quite simply pay for a virtual private server. Either case I used it mainly as storage as mediatemple is still good for dealing with spike web usage. Surprisely I went back to netfirms because they again had a promotion but their speed is faster at least 3x that of mediatemple with a few hiccups in their hosting environment.

Finally I'm suffering from car withdrawal. I do not drive often but it was snowing the last 3 days and it's so cold. However I was foolish not to fix a crack in the windshield. That crack has turned quite big and supposely a 50-70 windshield fix now will cost a few hundred to replace the whole windshield. I do not have a choice too because the state inspection has expired for a while now so I am keeping the car in storage draining my bank account away. Zipcar service sounds like a good idea but I am not comfortably close enough to a zipcar location in brooklyn.

I do not function well in the cold weather...

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