Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fig and hydroton does work

If you were ever wondering whether or not a fig branch cutting can root in hydroton, here's visual proof for you that it does.

Here's some background. I did try air layering on 5 fig branches. Out of the 5 only 1 had what appears to be roots. However those roots were removed in the process of removing the peat moss/plastic covering. The air layering lasted from about early september to the start of november. I removed them early because it was november and getting cold. I sticked them in a cut up 7up 2 litter soda bottle. Roots didn't show until mid of december. Amazing right? So rooting in hydroton does work... I am going to see if it will survive in a bigger container with hydroton but a preliminary search showed that it was possible and it even grows a few figs. I can not wait.

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