Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some poorly made homemade pizza

I got to make some pizza yesterday because my mozarella cheese started to get some pinkish/red dots. I was meaning to make pizza for over a month but just never got the chance. I am still alive and do not feel sick but I wouldn't suggest people do what I did because food poisoning is seriously painful. So I also used some sourdough starter which I manage to recover several times even when it had a great deal of mold. Here's a picture of what it kinda looks like.

I cleaned up the pan a bit. The Eastman Outdoors 90414 ZaGrill Pizza Cooker did quite well in the oven even though it's made for the grill. However the steel handles are not non stick and I had to use a knife to get some of the burnt sauce. Also from this picture:

Some of the sauce leaked down and after scrapping it, the black came off revealing shiny metal. I am not quite sure why the picture makes the bottom pan look gray because it is actually black.

The pizza was ok considering I used 2 beef tomatoes blended with about half the mozerella and the rest was on top(one whole package). Next time if I used one tomatoe; it probably wouldn't have leaked down the pan.

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