Saturday, January 10, 2009

Osteopaths - oh say it aint so.

I got to see a osteopath recently. I did google the profession but not much was discussed on what it is they do and quite frankly after the appointment, I was left thinking the same thing. Maybe I went into the wrong practice because apparently this office generally threat back pain with injections...

However he did spend more time on me than say my primary. I think I was adjusted as he would move my body around which was a bit weird and gave me three excercises that was suppose to help and explained how certain parts of my body is out of alignment which I cannot recall as I sit here typing this post. I was told to make an appointment in 2-3 weeks but I am still quite not sure what he's going to do than as it's barely noticable what he did.

I'll give it 2-3 more appointments but I'm not going to get suckered into physical therapy again because that's 15 minutes laying on my chest with an electric machine working my spine as a form of massage. Than there is another like 15 plus minutes of someone showing me to excercise machines and leaving me to it basically.

Also my osteopath doesn't seem to prescribe medications which seems to make the whole holistic general practitioner thing a huge bummer. Maybe I should seem my friend's osteopath which treats her for everything not just back pain.

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