Monday, January 19, 2009


I have an annoying tendancy to keep packaging for over a month. Since November I had a very large pile in the corner of my room. Here is what it looks like after I collapsed the boxes. Funny how the air bags looks larger but when stacked in the corner in some of the boxes did not seem too bad. I kept the bubble wrap to pop at my leisure but this isn't as bad as one time I ordered from I think staples or something and they shipped 12 items that should fit into one box into 12 large boxes. Unbelievable but I wish I took a picture than.
Maybe it's because It was a large pile that I couldn't zoom that makes the packaging seem less than what was there. Been so cold this weekend but going to have to go to circuitcity to spend that 10 dollar giftcard that will be worthless once circuit city closes for good.

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